Your Body Is Your Temple

Your Body

Power Meal…..when the snow storm caused no electric and heat, what else was there to do? Play with food, of course!

Your body is your temple!

Nourishing with healing powers as you make wise choices on taking care of yourself inside and out. We choose the proper clothing for work, play and celebrations. We shop with what attracts us. Well, eating can be just as attracting. Think of all the colors of the foods. Fruits and vegetables are quite colorful. Spices adds flavor and presents that baked, broiled main entree with wide eyed amazement! Just think of all the cooking recipe’s photos.

I ask many of my students, both teenagers and adults the following question. When we gather together with family and friends, what room do we often gather in and what object do we gather around? The answer is and always, in the dining designated room around the table with food.

When that food is experienced, we feel that sense of enjoyment, comfort and it becomes quite complimentary to those we just enjoyed a delicious meal with making one memorable moment. Food and those we share it with seems to always go together. Even when that meal is for one.

Take care of your temple, take care of you.

Power Meal: Oats; Coconut Milk; Ground Flax Seed; Chia Seed; PB2 (peanut butter powder); Slivered Almonds; Ground Cinnamon; Banana Slices; Granny Smith Apple Slices. #hungerbegone #longlastingenergy #delicious #turnedinto2meals #yourbodyisyourtemple


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