The Yahrzeit Lighting Dates according to the Hebrew Calendar

Yahrzeit Lighting Dates according to the Hebrew Calendar is an extension of the article ‘Why Light A Yahrzeit Memorial Candle?”


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You now know why and for whom you light a Yahrzeit memorial candle. You will need the Yahrzeit Lighting Dates according to the Hebrew Calendar’s Month and Day.

The Hebrew calendar is the annual calendar used in Judaism. Also known as the Jewish calendar. The Jewish calendar primarily uses the moon to calculate the beginning of each month. This is also called a Lunar Calendar and each Hebrew Calendar month begins with a new moon. Rosh Chodesh, the new moon, the new month defines as ‘head of the month’. Refer to the cycles of the moon and when you look up in the evening sky and see the different shapes, you will know what part of the Hebrew month it is.

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The Jewish Calendar is similar to our secular calendars; each month has a Hebrew month, day and year, but they are not in sync with each other. When you view the 20-year Yahrzeit Lighting Dates, you will notice right away the day and date are different with the secular date of death. Confused, re-read the article Remembering the Yahrzeit – Why to Light a Yahrzeit Memorial Candle?

Normally, the funeral home provides the calendar with the Yahrzeit Lighting dates to assist the immediate families. Often, the twenty years pass and the family members are not really sure when to light the Yahrzeit. If you have your expired Yahrzeit Lighting Calendar and need assistance on when to light the next Yahrzeit, please contact Rabbi Andrea. Each beloved family member whom ‘past on’, do on different secular dates, different times of the day and evenings.

It is not once, there are four times a year one lights a Yahrzeit candle, also known as the Memorial Candle. According to our teachings in Judaism, even on the most joyous of holidays and festivals, we remember our beloveds that have past on. For their memories live on Forever in Our Hearts and our thoughts.

[1] The Anniversary of the date of death of your beloved, it is called the Yahrzeit. It is customary to light the Yahrzeit according to the Hebrew Day and Hebrew Month for the Yahrzeit.

Since the calendar follows the Lunar Moon, those dates will rarely follow the Secular Calendar date your beloved had past on. It is best to obtain a Hebrew Calendar to assist you. The Secular Calendar and the Hebrew Calendar days, months are combined so you need not two calendars in your home or office.

[2] Yom Kippur
The day we remember the past year, reflecting, cleansing our souls…we remember them.

[3] Throughout the year, we light the Yahrzeit on the Three Pilgrimage Festivals preceding the last days of each festival.

Passover (Pesach)

When one looks at the Hebrew Calendar for the Pilgrimage Festivals, the Yizkor is noted on the eighth day of Passover, the second day of Shavuot and Shemni Atzeret. ( Shemni Atzeret separates Sukkot and Simchat Torah).

When to Light a Yahrzeit, Memorial Candle
It too is customary to light the Yahrzeit memorial candle the eve of the Yahrzeit Anniversary Hebrew date, the eve of the last night of the three pilgrimage festivals. Also known as when the sun goes down, sundown. Not to be confused, when a holiday or festival is one day, the candle is lit on the eve of that day as well.

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Yahrzeit Lighting according to the Hebrew Calendar is an extension of the article “Why to Light a Yahrzeit Memorial Candle?”

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