Work with New Businesses

Working with a new, but reputable, business is a great way to afford your dreams and, to help someone else be seen by others.

For instance, in a recent family party we held, we “hired” a photographer and new deli to cater for us. Both were VOLUNTEER in exchange for being able to have their business cards available readily and, being in the temple newsletter. The deli gave us free knishes as their donation and the photographer waived their fee all together.

This is a great idea, often overlooked. A new business needs advertising and photographs or a portfolio of jobs; you need services or products. For the cost of the knishes or evening of photography, the advertising to that target market would have been more plus, they had a portfolio and testimonial.

It was a way to make the event affordable and a win-win for all.

Dear Michele,

What a great idea to add more meaning in a special day where everyone gathers together to help one another out.

Often times, a customer will ask the New business, “so how many weddings have you catered or photographed?” A new business needs business to get the credentials in the community.

It is truly a win-win for all. Its a Mitzah!

Mazel Tov!

Rabbi Andrea

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