Wedding time in the Fall

by S. Blair
(Columbus, OH)


If sundown is 6:15pm, when is it acceptable to start the wedding ceremony? Can the ceremony begin at sundown or do we need to wait longer?


Dear S. Blair,

It is best to check with the Rabbi that is officiating your Jewish Wedding Ceremony. If you had not yet found your Rabbi, do ask this important question on their observance on officiating a Saturday evening Jewish Wedding ceremony. You will receive a response from those that will start soon after sundown and there are those who will not start up to one hour after sundown for the official end of Shabbat. That is called Havdalah, and the beginning of the new week, as per tradition.

For those that may not know, all Jewish Holidays, festivals and Shabbat begin at sundown. Havdalah takes place either 45 minutes to 1-hour after sundown on Saturday night depending where you live. The reason for the wait is validating that it is indeed nightfall and you can see at least 3 stars.

A wonderful wedding tradition is incorporating Havdalah into your ceremony. Also, depending on the officiating Rabbi. Oh so beautiful, the twisted candle with more than one wick creating a beautiful light.

All my best in your wedding planning.

Mazel Tov,
Rabbi Andrea

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