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Sunset Chuppah Ceremony

Sunset Chuppah Ceremony

Note: Wedding Officiant Honorarium (Fee) Guide does not only apply to a Jewish Wedding .  Life cycle events such as… Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Bris, Baby Naming for newborn boys and for newborn Girls , Funeral, Unveiling and any other Jewish life cycle ceremonies.

The Wedding Officiant Guide for Rabbi’s Costs

A Marriage is a Beautiful thing you Build Together!

This guide provides the information on why the Rabbi costs are where they are today.   A few examples of Rabbi Wedding Officiant Services are included in this guide.

Marriage License
To have a Ceremony, it is required by law to have a Marriage License. They are issued in the State each couple plans to marry.  A Rabbi Wedding Officiant is giving the Authority by each State.  This includes Destination Weddings.

The Rabbi will guide all couples on the above in regards to a legal marriage per Marriage Laws of each State.

The Ketubah is not to be mistaken for each State’s Marriage Laws.  It is the Jewish marriage contract.  It is the original marriage license from Ancient times.  A Rabbi will guide each couple how to obtain their Ketubah with all that is needed.

Choosing a Rabbi Wedding Officiant is #1 priority!
A Rabbi Wedding Officiant will have the knowledge to guide all wedding couples.

Your Officiant is a vital part of the Wedding Day!

Honorarium (Fee)
Honorariums (Fee) – can range from $1,000.00 – $2,500.00.   The honorarium (fee) is a very small part of the overall wedding expense. One bride commented and stated, “Rabbi, you are more affordable than all the other elements needed for my Wedding Day!  Funny, on how you are the most important person we need!”

A small percentage that has the greatest impact to a lifetime of happiness as husband and wife.

Common Questions:  
 “What is your wedding officiant budget?  When you cannot answer this question, its best to remember this, “why it is important to call a Rabbi to officiate your wedding ceremony?”

Honorariums are covering Time!  The time to take care of each couple throughout the planning process.

The first initial reason to call a Rabbi is for the Jewish connection. Following with learning  what type of ceremony a couple seeks. Read the Reviews on The Jewish Wedding Rabbi.  It can be helpful to answer that question.

Email Guidance:
Refrain from asking a Rabbi in an email, “Can you provide a quote on how much for your services?”
Reason: It is not common practice to provide a quote in an email.

The Rabbi is a clergy person. Technology is serving the needs to find a Rabbi.  Actually, today, the internet plays an important role with many wedding resources available online.

For Example:  View an amazing Jewish Wedding Blog, Smashing the Glass! Or  purchase / rent a Chuppah from Chuppah Studio. Original designs by a Chuppah Artist.

The point is, Rabbis are more accessible. It is best to go through the process and speak on the telephone.

Parents of the bride and grooms often call focusing on two important questions, availability and cost.  They are key points, and as a guide, should also ask this question, “How will you take care of my children so they can marry under the Chuppah?”

RABBI SERVICES – Here are a few examples of Rabbi’s Services that may be offered.  What services are needed or expected?

        • Wedding day (of course)
        • Ceremony (of course)
        • in-person meetings with travel time?
        • email comunication?
        • telephone communication?
        • webcam conferencing?
        • Travel time on the wedding day?   A Rabbi can travel up to 3 hours in total, in one day. Time!
        • Guidance and signing State Marriage Licenses?
        • Coordinating the wedding party processional?
        • Guidance?
        • Proofing, filling out and or providing the Ketubah?

Negotiation Guidance:
Will negotiating the list of Rabbi Services  reduce the Honorarium Fee?  Not really.  Mostly because couples turn to their Rabbi Wedding Officiant with many ceremony related questions, needs and requests.  Especially, as the wedding day gets closer.

Rabbi conducts the Jewish Wedding for the Jewish connection to heritage!

Understanding the Differences:

Congregational Rabbi  vs. Independent Rabbi Wedding Officiant

  • A Congregational Rabbi is hired with a signed contract.  They receive a set salary from congregational membership dues. The Rabbi services in regards to officiating a wedding ceremony is not free. It is customary to give a donation.  They have congregational responsibilities.  Often times, they cannot officiate ceremonies for non-members.
  • An Independent Rabbi – They have chosen to serve the unaffiliated to embrace and welcome them with their choices. To not turn anyone away.  They have no congregational responsibilities or contracts. Their salary is received per ceremonial services. Always check availability.

Destination Weddings or Long Distance Traveling for the Rabbi
It is customary for the wedding couple to provide travel arrangements.  This is in addition to the honorarium.

Be prepared for the following MAY be required for the Rabbi to travel to Officiate for Destination Weddings.

  • Airline, Shuttle, Meals, Airport Parking, Luggage Fees


Other Rabbi Services

Below is merely a guide on Honorariums (Fees) for other life cycle ceremonies.

  • Baby Namings: ranges from 450 – 650
  • Unveiling’s: ranges from 500 – 600
  • Funerals: Built in with the Funeral Arrangements via Funeral Homes
  • Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs: $4,500.00 and higher for up to one year of training, preparation and ceremony day services.   This is for those who are unaffiliated from a temple or synagogue with a Hebrew School.
  • Temple or Synagogues: Are averaging $10,000 a year and not including the Bar Mitzvah program.  There are extra fees, membership, donations and building funds.


Wedding Officiant Honorarium (Fee) Guide is an extension of Wedding Guidance

Also, see Marriage Guidance

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