Jewish Wedding Ceremony Order of Service

Chuppah Destination Jewish Wedding Ceremonies

Chuppah Destination Jewish Wedding Ceremonies

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Under the Chuppah

An important part of the Jewish wedding ceremony order of service is having guests attend the ceremony which takes place under Chuppah wedding canopy.

The bride and groom take part in two marriage ceremonies under the Chuppah.

The Chuppah symbolizes the home that the bride and groom will make together. The Chuppah wedding canopy is open on all four sides to show that their home will be a place for guests to visit — like Abraham’s tent in the days of the Bible. The fabric that makes up the Canopy is not supported in the center or the sides; it is simply connected at the corners to the four poles.

The Chuppah wedding canopy can be designed in many ways, depending on creativity, time and resources.
Modern Lace

Many couples turn to their florist to provide the chuppah, but floral chuppahs are often not correct in design. They have structures that support the canopy in the center, or have canopies created out of several separate swaths of fabric.  The overhead fabric which is the canopy should be singular and unsupported from edge to edge so that it dips in the middle. This is an important aspect of the chuppah’s symbolism.  It speaks to the bride and groom. 

Now, couples have OPTIONS!  The Jewish Wedding Rabbi is elated to provide couples with actual Chuppah Rental & Sales Companies.  The Chuppah pictured here is designed by Andrea Cohen, Owner and Artist of Chuppah Studio.  Read about Andrea and how Chuppah Studio came about.

If the bride and groom prefer a more traditional Jewish ceremony Chuppah wedding canopy, then it can be walked down the aisle as part of the processional, handheld by four honorees.

A personalized Chuppah wedding canopy can become a family heirloom and past down to the next generation for their Jewish ceremony under the Chuppah.

Hand crafted chuppahs have consisted of willow or birch tree branches, cut long enough for the four honorees to  simply balance them on the ground. The wedding canopy can be of embellished fabric and easily attach to the four poles tied with fabric ties. Grommets can make it easier to attach to the four poles, as well.

Rabbi Andrea has instructed many on how to make their own Chuppah wedding canopy with the support of the four poles. Whether you rent, purchase, and make your own Jewish wedding ceremony canopy, feel embraced by the beautiful custom that goes back to Abraham and Sarah tented home.

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