Jewish Wedding Canopy (Chuppah) Ceremony to Heirloom Generation to Generation

A Rooftop Garden Jewish Wedding Ceremony

A Rooftop Garden Jewish Wedding Ceremony 

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 Wedding Canopy

Today, most couples are perplexed about the Jewish wedding canopy (Chuppah). Where do they get one? How do they make one? What size should it be? In the past and present, it is either the temple supplying a traditional, over sized tallit or the florist would create a Garden of Eden with flowers along with a piece of cloth. Though those options are not bad ones, now it is necessary since couples are seeking more options. More personal, more creative, some, more modern intertwined with traditional elements and also affordable. I have researched and discovered that there are not too many companies or artists offering those options. The few that I have located are a blessing in disguise.  One of them being a designer and artist.  However, the wedding budget needs to factor in the costs either by purchase or rental.  To assist with the demand for the intimate only ceremonies, I created a handheld Chuppah.  The couples a simple, small gathering, or when they elope with two witnesses, but just as important to each of them, the Chuppah is essential.

I have seen beautiful Jewish wedding canopy designs that can compliment a couple on their wedding day when receiving their blessings. Since it is the central focus of all Jewish wedding ceremonies, today a couple can design their own if they feel creative enough, or family members with artistic skills are designing for the wedding couple as well.  I have seen beautiful quilted ones, as seen below.

Hand Made Wedding Canopy Chuppah by Groom's Mom - Beautiful! Hand-Made-Family-Chuppah-Heirloom

After I officiate a Jewish wedding ceremony, I am usually the last to leave the ceremony area other than the catering staff taking down and setting up for the wedding reception while the guests are in another room for the cocktail hour. The beautiful Chuppah, the Jewish wedding canopy, created by the florist is dismantled and where it ends up I am not quite sure. The couple only has the memory of standing under it for their ceremony and memories in their wedding photos. Is that enough? For some yes, for others, no.

Jewish Wedding Canopy with Natural Branches

Jewish Wedding Canopy with Natural Branches

Why Should a Couple Own Their Very Own Chuppah?
When a couple places the importance of having their very own wedding canopy, it becomes a part of the them beyond the ceremony. It becomes a family heirloom to be past on from generation to generation. I am touched when a couple includes an existing or soon to be, family heirloom in their wedding ceremony. Couples today are not aware that they are creating their own heirlooms with their new Kiddush cup and can now include a personalized Jewish wedding canopy. Generations after them will find those ritual items becoming a significant part in their Jewish wedding ceremonies.

Our future generations depends on us to keep the customs and traditions
of our heritage present in our ceremonies.

For each generation that does not, the future is dim
and the light of Judaism will be less bright in their lives.


The following material or items that the rabbi seen used for a wedding canopy.

  • Table Linens:  a family preserved a very special table linen that along with its owner, survived the Holocaust.  It blessed a Great Granddaughter on her wedding day as she stood under it with her groom
  • Embellished fabric
  • Quilting – only using the top layer for the canopy and the second layer sewn after the wedding to complete the quilt.
  • A wedding dress from a deceased, beloved family member.
  • Pieces of fabric where many extended family members and friends design a square representing the couple.  Then the squares are sewn together creating the wedding canopy chuppah
  • Painted fabric – with symbols and expression that represent the couple.  Making it even more special as they stand under it for their ceremony.,


Jewish Wedding Canopy – The Chuppah is an important element for Jewish Weddings

When under the Chuppah, the Jewish Ceremony has an order
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