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7 Blessings Kiddush

7 Blessings Kiddush

The Jewish wedding blessing ceremony is called Nisuin.

A second cup of wine is poured into the new Kiddush cup the bride and groom share connecting with the seven blessings, Sheva B’rachot, either sung or recited. These blessings praise God for creating human beings, and for making the groom and bride as happy as Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden.

The Jewish wedding blessings declare, ‘The sound of joy, the sound of celebration, the voice of the groom, the voice of the bride. After the blessings, the bride and groom drink the wine to seal the blessings. 

Why seven?  Blessings and Prayers of Judaism reminds us when the world was created by G-D.  Its a common theme throughout the daily prayers, Shabbat and Holidays. 

The wine is sacred, directly from the earth.  Fermentation is the natural process of the grape.  That too is how wine is also kosher. 

Sheva is the Hebrew word for seven.  B’rachot is the Hebrew word for blessings.  The  Sheva B’rachot. 

The symbolism, why they are recited and only heard during the Jewish wedding ceremony.

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