Veiling of the Bride

Veiling of the Bride

Veiling of the Bride

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The Badeken, veiling of the bride by her bridegroom, takes place immediately after the signing of the Ketubah and in the same place.

The Rabbi assists the groom in reciting a specific blessing to his bride and then lowers the veil.

Today, the modern ceremonies are balanced with the bride’s placing a wedding kippah on her bridegroom’s head. I instruct my couples to include a white wedding Kippah /Yarmulke for the bridegroom to receive from his bride.

The original meaning of the Badeken represents the Biblical story of Jacob and Rachel, when after their wedding; Jacob found that he had actually married Leah, Rachel’s older, and first born, sister. So now, to make sure the groom has the right bride, he lowers the bride’s veil himself.

Also, at this time, a couple’s parents will recite a blessing to their children and their new daughter-n-law and or son-n-law.

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