Share the Story of How You Met Your True Love Soulmate… Your Bershert

Don’t you love hearing the story of how someone found their true love soulmate? I know I do.

It’s so interesting to learn about the many different paths that led to forever love, about the history of a couple’s journey to the chuppah and beyond.

Every forever commitment was birthed in a couple long before they arrived at their wedding day. And every great marriage was strengthened by the unconditional love that was nurtured and pledged even before the signing of the ketubah (marriage license).

  • Where did your love story begin?
  • What defining moments made you the couple you are today?
  • What special acts of kindness and love will you never forget?
  • When did you know that you had found your soulmate?

Share Your True Love Story

If you’ve found your true love soulmate, you probably want the world to know how much they mean to you, so why not share your love story in this Jewish Wedding Rabbi’s online community.

I’ve officiated many many weddings over the years that were the result of just such love stories and I never grow tired of hearing them.

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