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What Other Visitors Have Asked

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Breaking of the Glass
Dear Rabbi,

The glass for the ceremony for the Groom to break is difficult to find. I do not have those Jewish stores close by to shop. I think I …

Mezinka question
Father of the Bride asks….

Is it customary to dance the Mezinka only when the last child is married? We have only one daughter, and she is getting …

Destination Wedding in Mexico
Dear Rabbi,

If we were to get married in Mexico and invite a Rabbi to officiate, would it be considered ‘legal’ or do we still have to have an officiant …

What is a Mezinka?

What is the Mezinka tradition? Is it during the Jewish wedding ceremony under the Chuppah? Is it during the wedding reception party? Do I need …

Jewish Wedding on Shabbat
I know that Shabbat is a day of rest, so can I have a Jewish Wedding on Shabbat?


Hello Rebecca,

Thank you for your question. Shabbat …

Wedding recption music Not rated yet
Rabbi, We desperatly need help.

I work with a popular wedding band. We have become very popular with a local Jewish wedding planner and have done some …

Breaking of the glass
Is this required before sunset?


This is the Jewish custom for the Glass to be stepped upon to conclude our Jewish weddings. There are no …

Should the parents to be next to the huppah or under the huppah?
My son is getting married and his bride suggested that she doesn’t want any family members including parents to be next to the chuppah. What is the Jewish …

Tentative Planned Wedding Date of 4/7/2013
Is there a problem getting a conservative or reformed rabbi to perform my wedding ceremony on this date in a wedding reception hall? I have been told …

Appropriate gifts for a sibling’s wedding?
Dear Rabbi Frank,

My younger brother is getting married and I am unsure what gift is appropriate. He is reform and will have a Jewish wedding ceremony. …

In an interfaith wedding ( bride is Jewish) does the groom wear a kepah while under the chupah? The wedding is being officiated by a rabbi.

Thanks …

wedding etiquette
Why dont guests stand at the bride’s entrance at Jewish weddings?


There are no hard and fast rules at a Jewish weddings where the guests sit …

Kosher Style Reception

Can I offer as hors d’oeuvres: 1) chicken satay and 2) polenta cake with mushroom ragu at the same time (hand passed)


Kosher …

Time of Jewish Wedding Ceremony? Not rated yet
If Sunset is 7:08pm on a Saturday evening, what time can the ceremony begin?

Reply from Rabbi Andrea Frank:

Traditionally, 1 hour soon after Havdalah …

Breaking of the glass in Jewish ceremony not done by a Rabbi? Not rated yet
What is said before it gets broken ?? There are 2 Jewish people , and only the groom breaks the glass ,,,is that correct and what prayer is said?


Wedding time in the Fall

If sundown is 6:15pm, when is it acceptable to start the wedding ceremony? Can the ceremony begin at sundown or do we need to wait longer? …

Inviting An Orthodox Rabbi To A Non Religious Reception? Not rated yet

I was hoping you could help me with a difficult situation. We are getting married in 6 weeks in a typical Jewish ceremony, and out of courtesy, have …

Honoring siblings/their role in ceremony
Dear Rabbi,

Is there a special role in the wedding ceremony and procession for siblings of the bride and/or groom? Should the brothers and sisters …

Inviting Rabbi to Stay for my Wedding Reception
Dear Rabbi:

I am having a Conservative wedding and the ceremony will not start till almost 8:00pm when the rabbi arrives (Chicago time).

After …

Jewish Wedding on a Friday
Bride-to-be asked…

Is a Jewish wedding blessing allowed on a Friday before Shabbat?

Rabbi Andrea answers…

Yes, a Jewish blessing for your …

Weekday Jewish Wedding Ceremony Local Temple Not rated yet
Bride-to-be asked…

My fiancé and I are not having a big wedding celebration just immediate family and 2 witnesses. I would prefer to get married …

Ketubah signing Not rated yet
Bride asked… Can we sign the Ketubah after our wedding ceremony? Is that done?

Rabbi Andrea Frank responds… That would not be common to do …

Marriage Rites
Dear Rabbi,

I have 2 Questions:

1. What is the prayer recited when the groom is about to break the glass?

2. If a couple is not being married …

My Question:

In the most Orthodox, what is the proper size of a Chuppah?

Thank you.

Dear G. Allen,

Thank you for your question. The traditional …

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Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur? Not rated yet
My Question:

Can you get married on the Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?

Thank you.

Dear Bride and Groom-to-be,

Thank you for your …

Friday Night Jewish Wedding Ceremony Not rated yet
Q: I am thinking about having a Friday night ceremony and reception, but have not booked it yet. It would be about 6:30pm in the summer, before sunset- …

Mezinka Dance Not rated yet
Where can I get the written music for the Mezinka dance to give to the band for our daughter’s wedding.

Thank you.

Dear Parent of the Bride,

Thank …

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