Torah and Chuppah – Reform Rabbi Brings The Ceremonies To You!

What does a traveling Torah, a portable hand-held Chuppah have to do with an interfaith Reform Rabbi? Everything! Well, everything that pertains to a Jewish life cycle ceremony.

If at this time you have not read the Jewish Wedding and Jewish Ceremony , then I will explain.

For all Jewish wedding ceremonies a couple needs a Chuppah. A canopy of material held up by four poles. Free-standing or hand-held. This is symbolic to represent the couples first home with all four sides open to represent the open door policy of welcoming all into their home. A canopy should be solid material, not see-through. Since the canopy is the roof of a home, then most roofs are not see through.

What is a good size for this symbolic necessity?
60 x 80 is actually a nice, workable size for a canopy. It is not too large and not too small. Beautiful tallits are available in this size specifically for wedding canopies. If a tallit is not for you, then design your own using the 60 x 80 dimensions. Just remember – it should not sheer material.

A Torah – when is it needed?
The first answer is for Shabbat. A portion (parsha) is read on Shabbat and wedding couples are blessed for their Auf Ruf before their wedding day.

For a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah and also for those that turn 83 years all learn and read from the Torah for this life cycle ceremony. This rabbi will teach all students the easy to learn Hebrew alphabet along with its vowels. With five minutes a day, you will be reading Hebrew words in two weeks. Not just any Hebrew word, but prayer book Hebrew. You will be amazed! Those are the fundamentals that are needed in order to read our sacred texts.

Always wanted to learn to read Hebrew?
After each of your lessons with Rabbi Frank and five minutes a day, you too, can learn Hebrew.

Could a baby naming take place on Shabbat?
Most baby naming do take place on Shabbat in the temple. For those parents that would like a meaningful, memorable baby naming for their daughters and for their sons then this Rabbi can provide just that for this joyous, first Jewish ceremony for your baby. A beautiful, short Shabbat worship service will be conducted along with song and the baby naming ceremony.

For that special simcha, Rabbi Frank and her traveling Torah and Chuppah are available for all your joyous life cycle ceremonies. Have a question for Rabbi Frank? See also the Rabbi’s services.

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