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Tips and Ideas for Invited Guests

Tips and Ideas for Invited Guests

HOMEMADE Goodies for Invited Guests!

I was making my Homemade Kosher Dill Pickles and had an idea for a Wedding or Party Favor. It’s a fact that Homemade Food, Condiments or Drink type Wedding or Party Favors are a hit with invited guests. I put a wired ribbon shaping it into a bow. Add a personal label with the Guest of Honor names along with wedding or party date, maybe a personal note on the lid or side of the jar.

There you have it!
A homemade goody that is delicious and the most popular jars – the famous Ball Jars.
Note: you can find the Ball Jars sold in bulk now. They are available in various sizes.

Note on Kosher: any food item directly from the earth or vine growing from and without processing is Naturally Kosher.

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