The 7 Steps of the Jewish Wedding Ceremony

7 Steps - Wedding Love -Stairway

The 7 Steps of Learning

The Jewish Wedding Ceremony includes the 7 Steps, the 7 Circles, the 7 Blessings, with the main number 7 being the symbolic number.

Lets begin by breaking the 7 steps into 7 parts.  Part 1 is the beginning that starts the moment leading to the Chuppah wedding canopy ceremony.  Known as the Jewish Wedding Ceremony.  Use the 7 steps as your guide in learning about the beautiful customs and traditions for a wedding couple shares together.  It’s the moment when all that was taught and shared at the holiday table becomes full circle on a bride and groom’s wedding day.  According the Old Testament, the Torah, in the first book of the Five Books of Moses, Genesis.  People were included in the creation of the world.  Two people, coupled together, the first marriage in the six days that made up the world. On the seventh day, G-d rested and so we rest to see the beauty in the world with two people sharing life together.

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