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New Feature for Rabbi Andrea Frank, The Jewish Wedding Rabbi , Testimonials, Reviews, Sharing Sentiments etc.

Wedding Couples have Wedding Wire posting their sentiments for other Wedding Couples read about the ‘Rabbi’.   Families for Baby Naming Ceremonies, the Bar Bat Mitzvah Program do not.  After many ceremonies I have Officiated I have been asked, “where can we post sentiments, testimonials, reviews for you?  Rabbi, if you need our testimonials, we are more than happy to do so for you.  This page is created for just that purpose.

I thank all those in advance for posting your testimonials, reviews, and sentiments.

We are connected!
Rabbi Andrea Frank

Baby Alice L’Dor V’Dor from Generation from Generation Baby Naming.
The ultimate expression of Love and Joy when a child receives a Hebrew Name in Memory of an extra special family member so close to all their hearts.

Mom, Rachel Quote, “when I knew I was having a daughter, I knew my Mom was answering my prayers. She was always going to be with me through her.”

Testimonials from Bat Mitzvah parents and students

Mazel Tov! Delightful Rabbi’s Student became a Bat Mitzvah!
Private Bat Mitzvah Ceremony in the apartment that was once home to two iconic entertainers, 1934 & 1964 in a NYC landmark building. It added to the main highlight of the day when Rachel became a Bat Mitzvah.  An intimate setting that brought family together to celebrate her life cycle ceremony.

Rachel’s Father, Rich’s Quote, “The setting was perfect for our family! Thank you Rabbi Andrea for connecting us to the person at this location.”

Baby Naming Ceremony

Mom, Sara
on her daughter’s Baby Naming Ceremony
When searching for the appropriate person to perform our daughter’s baby naming, we spoke with a few individuals before finding Rabbi Andrea Frank. Everyone else gave me the sense that our event would be a quick stop for them, a formality, a check-the-box and then they’d be on their way to do other events the same day. Rabbi Frank was so incredibly warm and personable from the first time we spoke, I knew it would be a special experience to work with her and it was!

I was a big fan of all the little details she paid attention to- for example, she brings a portable chuppah and asked us ahead of time to invite four guests to participate in our ceremony by holding one corner. It was a lovely way to make sure some of our family members felt a little extra love. Throughout the ceremony itself, she incorporated several members of our family including siblings, parents and grandparents, acknowledging them and making sure each and everyone felt acknowledged but was sure not to over-do it. We loved these special touches and felt it was a perfect way to make the afternoon about family and tradition rather than just a baby naming.

The ceremony was beautiful, dedicated to and personalized for us. It was memorable, intimate and I recommend her with the highest regards for anyone considering a very special blessing.  :  )



With Rabbi Andrea as your wedding officiant, you will not only be blessed, you will have the time of your life!

Rabbi Andrea is the consummate wedding officiant. Her knowledge, devotion and respect for detail, make any event with her, a remarkable experience. No matter what your faith, the Rabbi will leave a mark on your life.

Pat Sposato


Rabbi Andrea pays attention to every possible detail!!!
She will make sure your event is absolutely perfect – no matter where you are.
Great person to work with !!!

Sue B

Second to None in Professionalism and Dedication

It is with 1000% confidence that I would refer Rabbi Andrea to anyone looking for an officiant for their important life event – whether that be a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, baby naming, etc. The passion and dedication she has for what she does is unmatched by anyone I have come across in the wedding industry. She truly loves what she does and it is obvious at your very first meeting with her. You will NOT be disappointed!

Jaime Garry Radovic

More than just weddings!

Not only is Rabbi Andrea preside over weddings in her own memorable way, she’s also a great educator of the Jewish faith. I truly enjoyed learning from Rabbi. She is spirited and truly learned in what she does. I would recommend her to friends and family.
Thank you Rabbi Andrea!

Sonya L.

Great Rabbi!

All of life’s stages in one Rabbi. Weddings, even inter-faith weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, baby naming and funeral rites. It is so nice to know that you are there to take care of our community. Thank you for all you do!

Robert B

A Caring Person Who Pays Attention to Detail

Rabbi Andrea is a thoughtful, caring deeply religious person. She makes sure that all the little details are taken care of so you don’t have to. She is accepting, inclusive, funny and charming and will make your life event even more memorable than it otherwise might have been

Joseph A. Marra

Rabbi Andrea Frank knows her stuff. Simple as that. Her experience in performing wedding ceremonies all around the world makes her the perfect officiant to perform yours! She knows a lot about weddings and if you are looking for that special officiant to make that special day. Look no further.

Rayan James

Daughter shares Bat Mitzvah with Cousin making it one amazing B’nai Mitzvah!

B'nai Mitzvah

Its Two, Two, for a B’nai Mitzvah Celebration

I cant thank you enough for all you did to give my nephew and daughter such a beautiful Bnai Mitzvah.

I remember how worried I was being stationed overseas with no access to a Rabbi for this occasion.  Then I was invited to a beautiful Bat Mitzvah led by a Rabbi from New York who studied with the Bat Mitzvah girl over the internet, and was so impressed.

Of course, that Rabbi was you, and everything else simply fell into place when it was time for my daughter’s lessons.  I am still getting compliments on how sweet and lovely the whole ceremony was.

Now I am simply looking forward to arranging my son’s Bar Mitzvah without any concern regarding the distance or the quality of his experience.

Hurrah and thank you again for such a warm and positive Bnai Mitzvah!

Kindest Regards,

Proud Mom Sandi


Rabbi Andrea Remarks:
When Sandi contacted me about her daughter and it was time for her preparations, I remembered her in an instant.  Overseas for my other student’s Bat Mitzvah was a lifetime experience.  Staying connected through others that shared the same day and now making new memories is a joy for this Rabbi.   I know what it is like to have a connection in to Rabbi when your growing up.   Its a joy today being the Rabbi and becoming the Rabbi for the families’ life cycle ceremonies.



Family Memories

Family Memories – The Wedding of Debra & Greg

How do I begin to convey what Rabbi Andrea Frank has done for our family?  Family Memories…

I will start with my daughter and son in law’s wedding! My daughter went in search for a Rabbi to officiate her wedding. What I didn’t know at the time was that not only did she find a Rabbi, she found someone that would become part of our family.

I have been to numerous weddings in my lifetime, but I must say I have never been to one that was officiated by someone that took so much time to learn everything about our family and incorporate it into the ceremony. It was so personal that many people that attended the affair remarked about how fantastic the ceremony was. Rabbi spoke about people both in Greg ( son in law) and Debra’s ( my daughter) life that had passed on and how they were there in spirit. We used Debra’s grandfather’s Tallis to wrap them in…and even the Chuppah was made from pieces of mine and my mothers wedding dresses…so touching!

During preparations for my daughter’s wedding, my mother in law was battling cancer. Rabbi Andrea called numerous times to talk to me and ease some of the stress I was going through as I was the person involved with all of her doctors and her care.

As now part of our family, she has officiated at 2 of my grand daughters baby naming’s…again adding personal touches in ways only she can. If only she was a Mohel for when our first grandchild was born, it was a boy! Excited, a little stressed for we did not know of a Mohel. Rabbi Andrea guided us and the 8th day was a joy as our grandson had his Bris, and blessed with his Hebrew Name per tradition. Family memories…

She was there for us when my mother in law passed away…helping to make the arrangements and to again bring her warm and personal touch to a somber day.

We called on her again for the unveiling just a few months ago and once again she brought such a personal touch.

I have belonged to 2 Temples in the past, but I have never had the relationship with any other Rabbi as I have had with Rabbi Andrea…like I said in the beginning she isn’t just a Rabbi she is part of the Yourman family and always will be.  Creating family memories to all the already existing memories we share.

Denise Yourman


Family Memories by Rabbi Andrea

Our Grandchildren’s B’nai Mitzvah

was delighted that Alex and Sophia lead so much of the service. One of my friends was so impressed that she took your business card for her great-grandchildren!! I heard so many wonderful comments from those in attendance.

When I told my friends that we would be conducting services in the social hall, nobody could imagine how this was going to be accomplished, but you arrived with the travelling Ark and Torah, Scarlett followed your advise setting up the room with the flowers and placement of the chairs and the social hall transformed into a beautiful Sanctuary.

I must also thank you for our attending and Officiating our Friday night Shabot dinner.

Bubble Marilyn and Zayde Chuck


Sentiments from Rabbi Andrea –
A beautiful B’nai Mitzvah Ceremony for the family, especially blessed is when Grandparents can enjoy the Simcha.   When I state, you can have a Mitzvah Ceremony anywhere as long as we have a Minyan of 10 people, its true and the social hall was transformed.  Sophia and Alex made their own interpretations of Mezzuzah.  When it is displayed in their home, passing it by with a glance each and every time, it will always be a reminder of their extra special day. 

Time stood still to honor the Jewish custom for these two, very close, cousins fulfilling their obligation with their second formal Jewish ceremony in their lives.  Judaism begins the life cycle for formal Mitzvah ceremonies with the Bris and Naming Ceremonies.  Then, the Bar Bat Mitzvah ceremony.  Its always a joy when a Rabbi can see, especially today, the next generations having a Mitzvah. 

B'nai Mitzvah Grandchildren

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