Tentative Planned Wedding Date of 4/7/2013

by Norman Blick

Is there a problem getting a conservative or reformed rabbi to perform my wedding ceremony on this date in a wedding reception hall? I have been told since this date is so close to Pesach- there might be a question as to having a Rabbi officiate during this time period!

Reply from Rabbi Andrea

April 7, 2013 is after Passover. It ends April 2, 2013. However, April 7, 2013 lands on the day of Yom HaShoah. The day for remembering the Holocaust. It all depends if you would like your wedding date connected with remembering Yom Hashoah. Unless your ceremony begins after sundown, then it is officially the next Hebrew day according to the Hebrew calendar.

I cannot answer for other Rabbi’s – it is their choice on officiating a wedding that day or not.

All the best in planning your Jewish wedding ceremony under the Chuppah, the wedding canopy.

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