Destination Bar Mitzvah

The Tropical, Destination Bar Mitzvah! A destination Bar Mitzvah is not new news for this rabbi.  I have traveled within the United States to complete my student's Bar Bat Mitzvah preparations with their formal Mitzvah Jewish Ceremony. However, … [Read more...]

Seth Meyers Wedding and Skype

Too Funny - Skype - TV interview with Seth Meyers with David Letterman in preparation for his Wedding. Seth Meyers, "We Skype with my wife's Rabbi she grew up around.  When you Skype with a Rabbi, that is Old World meeting New World." Why … [Read more...]

Simchat Torah Traditions

Simchat Torah - Did You Miss It This Year! Have you ever seen it? 1x a year it is unrolled fully! Shemini Atzeret, also known as Simchat Torah. March around the sanctuary 7 circles. There is that Number 7 again. You need not be a member to join in … [Read more...]

Torah Reading Cycle

Shabbat Shalom! Have Fun Everyone! This is Awesome! We reached the 4th week of the High Holiday Cycle and now we begin reading the First Portion in the First Book of the Five Books of Moses. Also known as The Torah. on Shabbat … [Read more...]

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