Purim Festival – The Countdown is Complete!

Purim Festival The Purim Festival leaves us with lessons or messages. Esther is the hero behind her Crown as the Queen. Leadership by the King with a heart and devotion to his Queen Esther. Queen Vashti, the first wife and Queen to the King - … [Read more...]

Purim Gifts of Food and Treats – Day 5 of Countdown

  Purim Gifts of Food and treats for Day 5 of the Countdown.  Before, on and around Purim we exchange gifts with one another.  As with most festivals, it will be Purim Gifts of Food and treats.  It is up to the giver of the gift.   We call this … [Read more...]

Purim 2014 – 10 Day Countdown

Countdown to Purim 2014! Purim 2014 - Day 10, begin today to gather what you need.  Watch each day of the countdown to Purim fun! Day 10 is today and you need to gather, find or purchase Carnival Masks.  For what is Behind the Mask that speaks … [Read more...]

Jewish Holidays, the Hebrew Calendar’s Cycle at a Glance by the Jewish Wedding Rabbi

When looking at the Jewish Holidays on the Jewish Calendar it can be confusing, but there is hope here you will see what each one is and when it is held in a glance. As each Hebrew month on the calendar begins, it is recalled with Rosh Chodesh “head … [Read more...]

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