Purim Blessings – Day 6 Countdown to Purim

Purim Blessings are recited for the Festival of Purim!  You cannot have a Jewish holiday, festival or special Mitzvah without a blessing.  Purim Blessings are recited before the Reader or Readers that read the Megillah, the Scroll of Esther.  Also … [Read more...]

Hamantaschen Recipe – Day 7 of the Countdown to Purim

  Hamantaschen Recipe is the making and creating the symbolic 3-corner cookie.  You can't have Purim without a Hamantaschen and a Hamantaschen recipe is the way to go!  Its easy, fun and you do not need to create them alone. … [Read more...]

Purim Groggers – Day 8 of the Countdown

Purim Groggers are the essential noisemakers in celebrating this fun holiday of Purim.   Day 9 of the Countdown, you learned that you will need to acquire the Purim Story.  The story is available in published books, maybe someone you know is … [Read more...]

Purim 2014 – 10 Day Countdown

Countdown to Purim 2014! Purim 2014 - Day 10, begin today to gather what you need.  Watch each day of the countdown to Purim fun! Day 10 is today and you need to gather, find or purchase Carnival Masks.  For what is Behind the Mask that speaks … [Read more...]

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