Holidays and date setting

Sukkot starts on a Sunday night next year. Can I have my ceremony Sunday afternoon? I'm not very observant, but do want a Jewish wedding (and a willing Rabbi) Thanks Sandy -   Rabbi Andrea's Reply... Thank you for asking your … [Read more...]

Watching Time – Wedding Canopy

  Watching Time Under the Wedding Canopy Every notice the Rabbi standing under the Chuppah wedding canopy looking at his or her watch.  The wedding processional is beginning and you glance at the Chuppah just when the Rabbi entered the … [Read more...]

Jewish Weddings: Breaking Through the Glass

Jewish Weddings - Almost universally in all cultures, a broken glass signifies something. For some broken glass brings seven years of good luck, for others broken glass is believed to have quite the opposite effect. In business, women struggle to … [Read more...]

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