Spring Babies!

Spring Babies -Namings2016-with-JWR-RAF

Spring Babies are here!

In between Passover Preview Preparations A SURGE of Telephone Calls for Baby Naming Ceremonies are Requested. The Spring Babies have arrived!

The Parents emphasized; tradition, honoring the memory of someone special and the importance of this time-honored ceremony.  The spring babies, sons, and daughters will receive their Hebrew names in honor and memory of someone special with G-d’s Blessings.

They expressed how they felt welcomed and embraced with their choices for both their sons and daughters.  With free will, choices are ever present today.  The parent’s made a promise to give their child an identity.  When their child is given a second name per Jewish tradition, they are making a promise to raise them with the education of Judaism.

in Blessing
in Faith
in Peace
L’dor V’dor – from generation to generation


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