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Today there are more and more people who are beginning to go with a spiritual ceremony mixed into civil weddings, especially between couples who are not extremely religious.

Civil weddings also provide a whole lot of flexibility as well and the only requirements that couples have to follow with these weddings are the marriage laws of the state.

However, more and more couples are choosing to not only have civil weddings, but to go with Rabbis or other religious leaders for these weddings as well. Having a Rabbi could offer the ‘spirituality’ into a humdrum civil wedding ceremony. So, let’s take a look at some of the great options couples have when they choose to have a civil, non-religious ceremony intertwining spirituality for their wedding.

Civil Wedding / Civil Marriage Ceremony Definition
A civil marriage is a wedding that takes place without any religious affiliation and meets the legal requirements of the locale. The State of New York requires all couples to apply for a marriage license, it is the law.

The Jewish Wedding Rabbi is a member of the clergy, ordained and has been granted the authority and is registered with the City of New York to perform marriages, civil wedding ceremonies within the New York City limits including the tri-state area.

Eloping Elopement in New York City (Manhattan)
Yes, a couple can indeed elope when visiting the vast city of New York with its skyscrapers, Central Park, Rockefeller Center Top of the Rock and many other attractions small, tall and tallest. For couples from the United States and in Europe that decide their wedding ceremony and marriage is to be “about us”, then eloping in New York can be a wonderful experience.

Making your elopement a reality may take a little planning especially when you need to apply for your marriage license during specific office hours and required to honor the following rules and regulations:

  • 24-hour required waiting period after obtaining the marriage license
  • Two-witnesses are required to sign the marriage license along with the member of an ordained clergy and or marriage officiant
  • If eloping is only the couple, the two of you, inform the Jewish Wedding Rabbi in advance so that witnesses can be arranged

See New York State’s “Getting Married in New York” website for additional information.

Choose the Person You Want to Officiate
As long as the person is licensed in the state that you are getting married in, you can have your ceremony.

Many people have the idea that only judges perform civil weddings, but this is entirely false. Often having a ceremony performed by a judge can seem too stilted and impersonal, but having your civil wedding performed by a Rabbi and or ordained clergy, you trust that this community leader can provide you with a ceremony that is warm, personal and can call it a truly spiritual ceremony. You’ll actually find that many religious figures that are licensed to perform weddings in your state will also perform civil wedding ceremonies as well. Today there are actually quite a few Rabbis that are offering non- religious, but spiritual ceremony services to couples who seek just that for their wedding.

Defining Non-Religious
The Jewish wedding ceremony links you to age-old required traditions that one can feel disconnected and are not particularly comfortable or can easily relate.

Personalized and Elegant Ceremony
When you decide to go with a civil wedding, An Officiant can personalize your spiritual ceremony along with what the law for the State of New York including New York City, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn; New Jersey, Connecticut, required to recite. Putting your trust in an Ordained Officiant can lead to a tender and heartfelt ceremony in a personal way.

Not all, but most Justices of the Peace often lead a couple to write their own wedding ceremony or have them proof the ceremony text. This takes away from that special day, that special moment that certain feeling only felt by the couple when knowing what is already going to be recited.

You’ll be able to have the ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple. What is in a Civil Wedding ceremony?

  • A spiritual sentiment since marriage is a holy matrimony
  • Your ceremony by the Jewish Wedding Rabbi would offer you the essence of marriage between man and woman, husband and wife blended spiritually, not a religious ceremony
  • Personalized to you, the couple
  • All ceremonies can take place after the 24-hour New York State waiting period requirement

All Spiritual Ceremony Civil Weddings after the required 24-hour waiting period in the State of New York, could take place the next day, the day after that, the week after that.

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Create a Ceremony that is warm and loving
As you can see, you don’t have to have a quick wedding in a courthouse performed by a judge, but you can have a wedding in a place of your choice with a spiritual figure, such as the Jewish Wedding Rabbi presiding over it. So, even if you want a civil wedding, take the time to make the most of it and have that beautiful ceremony, that Spiritual Ceremony you’ll remember for years.

This Rabbi will be available:

  • Saturday evenings, Sunday thru Friday
  • Daytime; weekdays; and evenings
  • The tri-state area is: Manhattan (New York City), Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester County
  • Connecticut can be arranged since the marriage laws allows New York clergy to officiate weddings in its state
  • No matter whether it is the two of you; a few family members and friends or a large guest list
  • 2-witnesses are needed to sign your New York City / New York State marriage license – it is the law. Inform Rabbi Frank if witnesses are needed to be arranged.
  • Reminder: I am a Rabbi and observe the holy day of Shabbat; from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturdays. Weddings are prohibited on Shabbat – Judaism believes Shabbat and the joy of a wedding are to be celebrated separately

Locations for Civil Weddings / Spiritual ceremony in New York City (Manhattan) and in the tri-state area. Did you know you can have a wedding in Central Park or any of the parks in the city? Weddings with a guest list of over 20 do require a permit and the cost for that permit is minimal. Check with the office of the New York City Department of Park’s to verify this information.

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