Should the parents to be next to the huppah or under the huppah?

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Chuppah

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Chuppah

My son is getting married and his bride suggested that she doesn’t want any family members including parents to be next to the chuppah. What is the Jewish tradition in connection with this matter?

Reply by Rabbi Andrea Frank,
the Jewish Wedding Rabbi:

Mazel Tov! for your son’s marriage under the Chuppah.

To answer your question: The Jewish tradition is in place for parents to be very involved in the wedding ceremony for the children (bride and groom) are not to marry alone.

Parents of both the Katan (Bridegroom) and Kalah (Bride) do indeed stand between the front and back Chuppah pole supports, the side of the Chuppah on the respective sides. When you look at the Chuppah, that would be the left side for the Groom stands to the left Under the Chuppah and the Bride stands to the right side Under the Chuppah, the wedding canopy.

It simply would not be a Jewish Wedding Ceremony if all the parents are seated.

If the size of the Chuppah is too small for the parents to stand within the pole support guideline, then they simply stand in the same place just outside the Chuppah. Regardless, the Jewish Wedding Ceremony includes the parents along with the Bride and Groom’s Wedding party.

All the best for a beautiful day for your son found his beshert, his soul mate to share life with.

Mazel Tov!

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