Renewal Vow Wedding

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows at the Central Park Ladies Pavilion

Beautiful Moment to Renewal

Renewal Vow Wedding ceremony for a couple who has been married for many years with the extra special wedding anniversary approaching can be the way to celebrate this time honored tradition. This time with the blessing of that made them a family present.

To feel like a bride again with the love of your life beside you all those years, through good times, bad times, and the all in-between that life has presented to you both would be a wonderful way!

To have your adult children with their spouses, your grandchildren and maybe even your great-grandchildren present for this wedding ceremony under the Chuppah is joyous!

In NYC , Manhattan in the famous Central Park is this wrought iron Ladies Pavilion.  A gazebo type structure and gives a sense of Romance that is quite fitting for a wedding, especially a Renewal Vow ceremony.  It is not too far from the other famous spot called Strawberry Fields.  The three quarter views offers the cities tall buildings across the water, another part of the park is another view too.  The rock formations along with the water view offers beautiful wedding photos.  One Important Tip:  Reserve the space in the Ladies Pavilion.  Even if you are under the guest amount rules from the Park Office.   This is one widely used spot for all wedding ceremonies and photos.

Rabbi Andrea Frank has a fond memory of a couple married for 50 years. Their adult children, spouses and grandchildren presented them with a surprise Renewal Vow Wedding on the beach. The dream wedding their Mom and Grandmother always wanted and never had. There were nine grandchildren in total of granddaughters and grandsons as young as two years old to college age.

If you want a ceremony that is read from a book, anyone can read it,
but if  you want a Renewal Vow Wedding ceremony
that reflects your celebrated bond together,
you contact Rabbi Andrea

All weddings are special to this Rabbi. Each having a special moment that stood out and when it was told to Rabbi Andrea in the pre-planning stages that the grandchildren were the ages that they were, she knew right away they were to be the processional wedding party. How touching when the granddaughters escorted their grandfather to the Chuppah. The grandsons escorted their grandmother halfway so that as per tradition, their grandfather could escort his bride to the Chuppah once again, their Jewish home. This moment, truly added to the meaning of a Jewish home filled with their legacy, their family. All surrounded representing the circle of life as their parents, their grandparents, took part in the Renewal of Wedding Vows. L’Dor V’Dor. from generation to generation.

Very creative daughters took great care in the planning of a renewal of vows wedding ceremony. A beach wedding ceremony can be visually pleasing with the natural colors of the ocean, the sand, and the bright blue sky. The family coordinated in unity, all their outfits in teal and white, the colors for wedding.

The wedding blessing under the Chuppah, the wedding canopy, included the beautiful customs and traditions that make up the wedding ceremony order. They shared the fruit of the vine during their Renewal Vow Wedding, sealing their wedding blessings. A little trouble breaking of the glass, but with great effort and after a few tries on a body board, we heard it and our jubilant voices joined together shouting Mazel Tov!

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