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Toll-Free Number: 888-214-3821

Rabbi Services – assistance when needed for your Life Cycle Events (Simchas) – significant milestones in a Jewish life. From Generation to Generation!

rab-bi – a person trained in Jewish law, ritual, and tradition and ordained for leadership of a Jewish congregation, and today a “congregation without walls” – on the internet. A rabbi serves the community as an educator, social worker, preacher, and officiates life cycle events. (see below) The word rabbi originates from the Hebrew meaning “teacher.”

Rabbi Andrea, an Ordained Reform Rabbi, can assist and officiate a wedding ceremony in the metropolitan area; New York, New York City (Manhattan), Westchester County, Connecticut, Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, New Jersey.    Most States, Rabbi Andrea can Officiate your Wedding Ceremonies, it is just a matter of checking on the requirements.

News!  Rabbi Andrea is Officially Registered in Washington D.C. to Officiate Wedding Ceremonies.
This is good news for couples residing in the Tri-State Area planning their wedding day in D.C. .  Or for couples that reside in D.C. with family in the Tri-State Area.  Mostly due to all the pre-wedding festivities that take place leading up to the blessed wedding weekend.

Most creative wedding ceremony locations can be accommodated excluding jumping out of a plane to officiate a ceremony in mid-air or scuba diving under the ocean’s blue waters.

Destination wedding ceremonies outside the tri-state can be accommodated as well.  This offers couples in the Tri-State area to build a nice connection with their Rabbi leading up to their destination wedding.

RABBI SERVICES- Assistance When Needed

Rabbi Andrea for Rabbi Services – Contact Form below….

  • Adoption Blessings
  • Auf Ruf Aliyah with Torah – can be arranged prior to the wedding day
  • Baby Naming Ceremonies – Newborn Sons on 8th and beyond, Newborn Daughters
  • Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah Lessons including learning the Hebrew Alphabet, vowels leading up to reading prayers and Torah
  • Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah Ceremony on location with Torah following a hired Tutor
  • Blessing of the Pets
  • Choose Jewish Wedding Ceremony Breaking Glass styles and purchase from reputable online Judaica retailer
  • Commitment Ceremonies – Same Sex Couples where states have not passed the Marriage Equality Law
  • Counseling
  • Conversion to Judaism (Popular!)
  • Destination Wedding Ceremonies – Yes, Rabbi Andrea travels  – France, California, Hawaii
  • Funeral
  • Grave Site Funerals
  • House Blessing
  • Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies
  • Jewish Wedding Ceremony – Customized to fit your personalities, your day, including Badeken for ALL Couples
  • Jewish Wedding Shop – Groom’s Breaking Glass plus more
  • Judaism in the Workplace
  • Marriage Equality for ALL Couples
  • Marriage Guidance
  • Matchmaker
  • Proper Pet Funerals – Hartsdale Pet Cemetery
  • Processional Wedding Music Selection Guide to Jewish Music for the Jewish wedding ceremony
  • Providing a “Get” – Divorce Document as per tradition
  • Pidyon ha-Ben: Redemption of the First Born
  • Q & A
  • Renewal of Wedding Vows – Jewish, Spiritual or Civil Wedding Ceremony
  • Shiva Minyan
  • Traveling Torah and Chuppah
  • Unveiling
  • Wedding Guidance
  • Wedding Ceremonies for All Couples



If you are planning a 2017/2018 Wedding ceremony, please fill out the form below.  It will be received and a reply will certainly be the next step.

Rabbi Andrea



This is the way to reach Rabbi Andrea Frank for Rabbi Services.
Please fill out this form so she can correspond with you in a timely manner
If you need immediate assistance call the toll free number 1-888-214-3821 and leave a detailed message for assistance.

Note: Rabbi Andrea observes Shabbat. All correspondence will take place afterward and or after a weekend of ceremonies. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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