Purim Story for Purim 2014 – Counting Down – Day 9

Purim Story - Day 9 of the Countdown

Purim Story – Day 9 of the Countdown


Purim Story

Day 9 as we Count Down to all the Purim Fun

In order to celebrate all the Purim Fun, you will need the Purim Story.  The Story of Esther, the Jew, who became Queen and saved her people.  Refer, back to Day 10 of the Count Down that tells you what the story is about and why we celebrate Purim.

The Purim Story is also known as the ‘Megillah’ which is defined as the ‘Scroll’, the Scroll of Esther.  The Scroll of Esther unravels on a one handle roller.

Side note: have you heard of the name Hadassah?  This is the Hebrew Name of Esther.  To assist you in understanding about Hebrew Names in Judaism, please refer to the Jewish Naming Ceremony for our sons and daughters.

Purim Story - the Scroll of Esther

Purim Story – the Scroll of Esther

Where to acquire the Purim Story
For Adults, from the Tanakh, pg. 1457.
For children, the one book I would recommend is ‘Make Your Own Megillah‘  Once on this page, it may lead you to other suggestions. Amazon’s web site is very good in navigating our searches.

Since Purim is the fun of fun Holidays, I often guide Adults, a children’s version of the Purim Story is just as good.
The Purim Spiel also represents in telling the story of Purim.  Often times, the Purim Spiel will use Current Events or well known figures and build the story.  Most of the time, the spiel can teach the lessons we learn from the story of Purim.  Other Purim Spiels are just for good ole’ Jewish fun!

As you can see, you have many options. On Day 8 of the Count Down, your going to learn how the Purim Story connects to a certain item which is a Must Have!

If you have wonderful resources for all, please submit below in ‘Share Your Thoughts.’

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