Purim Groggers – Day 8 of the Countdown

Purim Grogger - Day 8 of the Countdown

Purim Grogger – Day 8 of the Countdown

Purim Groggers

are the essential noisemakers in celebrating this fun holiday of Purim.   Day 9 of the Countdown, you learned that you will need to acquire the Purim Story.  The story is available in published books, maybe someone you know is talented to write it, refer to the Tanakh or other creative ways.

To offer you the direct answer as to why Purim Groggers are required?  In fact, the focus is the ‘noise maker’ that is needed and we call them Purim Groggers.  They are available in all shapes and sizes.   In  Day 10 of the Countdown, you learned that in the Purim Story there is a Villain.  The Villain of the story is named, Haman.  When the Purim Story is read and all the listeners hear the name Haman, you are required to drown out the sound of his name.  So, not only are you there listening to the story, you are participating.  There may be many readers reading the story and with each mention of the name…. You get to shake, and maybe spin your Purim Grogger.  Such fun!

Purim Groggers can either be purchased or can be a fun craft project.

Purim Grooger - the essential noisemaker

Purim Grooger – the essential noisemaker

The photo of this Purim Grogger and many similar designs you will notice. They reflect the one handle Scroll of Esther, the Megillah.

I have seen googers resemble the same noisemakers we use for bringing in our secular New Year, every December 31st.  The time honored noisemaker when celebrating Purim at home is the pots and pans direct from the kitchen.

Still looking to make your own Purim Grogger?  Try the paint sticks that you have collected over the years for your paint the walls or furniture projects. You know those paint sticks, we all them. You can paint the stick any color, reviving the stick for something useful instead of lying on the bottom of the closet or in the garage.  Then attach very loud bells on them.  If the bells are loose, you use string or yarn to loop them together.  Then wrap the yarn or string around the paint stick.  There you have it, a DIY, homemade grogger for Purim.

Lego is becoming popular in creating different Jewish holiday symbolic items.
From the web site Bible Belt Balabusta, a dedicated web site to making Jewish type toys.  This Purim Grogger is Lego inspired. Here are the DIY instructions from that web site.    

Purim Groogers - Lego inspired

Purim Groogers – Lego inspired

As you have read above, you have a few options for the noisemaker that will drown out when you hear the name of the villain, Haman. In the Purim story.

Have you made your own grogger in past years or for this year? Please post your creation in Share your thoughts. Most appreciative.

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