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Processional wedding music accompanies the bride as it is known in Jewish tradition for the bride is a queen, and the groom a king. When a Queen enters, music accompanies her and it sets the tone for this romantic, joyous celebration, a marriage. As little girls dreamed of this big day, those little girls now brides live their dream when walking down the aisle to meet their groom and who accompanies her to the Chuppah wedding canopy. It is tradition that two processional wedding music selections are used for the family members and the wedding party having the honor to walk down the aisle first. Lets not forget the groom who is escorted by his parents. As the groom waits for his bride under the Chuppah wedding canopy, he turns and hears the jubilation with the second processional wedding music for his bride enters, meets her in the middle of the aisle and escorts her to the Chuppah wedding canopy and receive their blessings becoming husband and wife.

“One of the main expressions of fervent love is that the lover sings songs of love — so we should sing before God” Rabbi Eliezer Azikri

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Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li
I Am My Beloved’s, And My Beloved Is Mine

Song of Songs

As far back as King David, all religious ceremonies were accompanied by music. During the first temple, the Psalms were composed, thus Jewish music. By the time of the second temple, the order of which the Psalms would be chanted at which service became firmly established. Today, in our synagogues are the roles of Cantor, also known as the Hazzan, a musical leader leading the congregation with prayers in song. They are our clergy often seen sharing the Bimah (alter) with the Rabbi

Music is central to the religious experience; our Jewish music heritage has always been a part of the people wherever they traveled. It tells a story or accompanies a specific moment in a story. When we hear the music selection from a movie, we then suddenly remember that particular scene.

Music connects Jewish life both in the synagogue and home. In the synagogue we learn prayers in song. Our children in Jewish nursery school learn songs when playing games; a musical tune with the Hebrew alphabet and many others. In the home we recite or chant blessings with a tune that when we hear it without words we know what holiday that blessing is for. We sing joyous music around our holiday tables and at times when we are sad, there is music to bring us comfort as well.

Music is enjoyed all over the world to celebrate the cycle of Jewish life: birth, naming a baby , circumcision, rites of passage for young people at the age of 13 (Bar Mitzvah for boys and Bat Mitzvah for girls) , and of course, weddings. Processional wedding music can provide your guests with wonderful memories of your Jewish wedding ceremony.

Below, musical selections are available for brides and grooms to listen as a guide. The selections will assist in choosing the processional wedding music to and from the Chuppah wedding canopy. Each processional wedding music selection will have the title and the name of the artist, group or band.

Note: This information can be given, if needed, to your wedding band, orchestra, and or musician. Wedding Musicians in the wedding industry will know how short or long to play for your wedding processional. Some processional wedding music selections have beautiful words; remember each song can be played with no words, and the tempo can be slowed down as well.

Please sit back, turn your speakers up and enjoy.

Processional wedding music selections will be useful as you plan your Jewish wedding ceremony.


“Ani L’Dodi Li…” “I am my beloved…my beloved is mine”
is the most well-known quote from “The Song of Songs”, written by King Solomon, son of King David, in the language of a beautiful, romantic declaration between a husband and wife, their marriage blessed under the Chuppah on their wedding day. It is a representation for the love between the people of Israel and their Adonai.

ultimate processional music choice for when the bride is escorted by her parents to meet her groom in the middle of the aisle, then walking together to their new home.

Enjoy listening to 4 versions of this beautiful Jewish wedding “Songs of Songs”

Artist: Michael Isaacson
Founding Artistic Director of The Israel Pops Orchestra, and the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music. He has a distinguished career as a composer, conductor, producer, and educator with over 500 Jewish and secular musical compositions published.

Title: Wedding Suite: Dodi Li
Artist: Michael Isaacson

Title: Wedding Suite: Erev Shel Shoshanim
Artist: Michael Isaacson

Definition: Evening of Roses; a poetic Hebrew love song
Title: Wedding Suite: Eishet Chayil
Artist: Michael Isaacson

Definition: Eishet Chayil; Woman of Valor
Title: Wedding Suite: Weddings
Artist: Michael Isaacson

Artist: Debbie Friedman
For children and adults alike, Debbie’s music is living Judaism – from her they learned the Hebrew alphabet, through her they came to love prayers that might otherwise have remained strings of foreign words, unrelated to their lives. Debbie’s music gives voice to the soul that modern life too often ignores – the soul of individuals and the soul of our People.

Title: And You Shall Be A Blessing
Artist: Debbie Friedman
This song is also sung for baby naming’s and Berit Mila

Artist: Craig Taubman
His dynamic music and moving performance style have been an inspiration to the Jewish community for over 25 years. Craig’s magical and enchanting music brings to life the joy and spirit of the Jewish heritage, appealing to young and old alike and captivating audiences wherever he goes.

Note: This selection has beautiful words referencing Jewish life cycle. Please listen to the entire selection, its beautiful!

Title: Wedding Song
Artist: Craig Taubman

Publisher: Tara Publications
A publisher and distributor of Jewish music of all genres.
Title: Wedding March

Publisher: Tara Publications
Title: Wedding Music: Dodi LI / Zemer Atik / Miserlou / Laner / Vlivsamim
Publisher: Tara Publications

Music Group: Safam
This six-man band has dominated Jewish music in America with their “Jewish-American Sound” since 1974. Often copied, never duplicated, they are originals — original music, original lyrics, original arrangements — their songs have become a fabric of our Jewish lives. Safam performs at local temples and all ages attend.

Note: Each selection tells the story of the Jewish Wedding in song. Remember; each song can be played without words.

Title: Wedding Music: Dodi
Music Group: Safam

This selection can also be used for the recessional; when leaving the Chuppah

Title: Jewish Wedding Love Song:
With this Gold Ring
Music Group: Safam

This selection can also be used as background music for the short version (overview) wedding video

Recessional Wedding Music
Also can be used for entrance of bride, then the entrance of the groom for the traditional Badeken – Jewish pre-ceremony custom

Music Group: South Coast Simcha Band
The Band has extremely talented and dedicated musicians, though they are not strictly a Jewish music band, however they are multi-instrumentalists, and several are arrangers and composers. Their depth of knowledge spans over generations and genres.
Title: Wedding Music: Philly Wedding Bulgar
Music Group: South Coast Simcha Band

Did you enjoy the processional wedding music selections? I hope you took the time to hear each selection to the final note. Each selection may have a certain part you enjoy the most. Musicians are well trained and can play that particular part in a loop for your wedding ceremony.

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