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Jewish Wedding Rabbi - The Personal Touch

The Personal Touch Jewish Wedding Rabbi

A Rabbi With The Personal Touch

Those who are affiliated with a Synagogue or Temple know the fixed membership fees which are a requirement of your attendance. In some cases these fees can be cost prohibitive for new families or for those who have had some type of financial setback. Today, in a modern world, we know the stresses that regular attendance in a synagogue can place on both time and finances. Still, many of us wish for a way to worship, a guide to assist us to walk our path of faith.

What if you could have the services that you want, from a Rabbi in whom you could place your trust for a smaller fee than you might expect to pay with the discretionary or temple fees. What if that Rabbi would be there when you need her, to offer support and help through the milestone events in your life?

Rabbi Andrea Frank offers you the kind of services that you require for any event for which you may need them.There are no membership fees. Instead, you will pay as you go, for the services that you require and not for those which you do not need.

Rabbi Andrea is indeed a Pay-As- You- Go- Rabbi.  Rabbi Andrea Frank offers you Rabbi Services, but what you are getting is more than the day of your ceremony Services.

The pre-planning, the necessary communications, and most importantly, the establishment of Rabbi Andrea as a spiritual guide for you and your family. You are invited to stay in touch, to establish a closer relationship and to gain a guide for life for you and your family if that is what you desire.

When you hire Rabbi Andrea one time, you gain a  Rabbi for all Life Cycle Ceremonies and in between sharing with you and your family- a friendship, kinship –  future Rabbi Services that you can depend on.

Whether you are at home, a block away or a thousand miles, Rabbi Andrea can attend to your needs via Skype or email, using technology to stay in touch with you and attend to your spiritual needs.

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