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Passover is Here Again!

Passover, R U Ready!   Are you waiting until the last moment to shop for the Passover items?  Be ready, the shelves will not be as fully stock as it was in the month of March.   Here are a few tips.

  • Stop and Shop has a huge Passover aisle with many items including new items.
  • Shoprite – I learned it does depend on the neighborhood.  I was at two locals one.  One had very little, and the other had abundance of specific products for the holiday.
  • I did discover with a huge amount of delight, Amazon has an entire Passover search.
    Here is the direct link to the Groceries for the holiday.

If you have your ‘go-to-supermarket’ or specialty shop for Passover items, please share on my Facebook Like Page.
This way the word can be spread quicker.

This holiday is yet another large holiday focused around the story of Freedom from the Book of Exodus.  The second book in the Five Books of Moses.  All that the Israelite’s endured living in the Royal City in the country of Egypt.  Abraham brought the people to Egypt where they were first welcomed to live peacefully among the Egyptians.  All due to the fact that there was a famine in the land.  As the population grew along with the generations of Pharaohs in command, the Egyptians simply did not know how to manage an overcrowded city.   Sounds familiar.

The 8 day holiday is observed, even if your not observant all year round.  Not just giving up bread because it is written, but giving up bread for a reason with connection.   Once you know why, it makes it easier to follow.

When the holiday begins on Shabbat, remember you light the candles for the gift of the weekly day and the gift of freedom was giving by G-d.

May the eight days be easy with remembrance on why you are observing it.

May the limitations remind you when the Israelite’s were in the wilderness.  They were learning the important life lessons, now available to us in the Torah.

Chag Sameach Pesach!


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