Outsource Your Wedding Gown and Use Local (or wild) Flowers!

True Story…

My sister is planning her wedding. She went to bridal boutiques and chain stores to try on dresses and called me, lamenting about the prices of the gowns she liked. I told her that I received a good deal on my wedding dress six years ago and “only” paid $600 for a discontinued “floor model.”

Do you know what she did?
She tried on her favorite dress, found it on-line, on the internet and downloaded pictures. She then contracted with a company who recreated it for her. The total cost (including shipping) was $190! The original dress would have run her $800 and you simply can’t tell the difference.

We purchased my bridal bouquet for $8 at the local grocery store. We bought a lovely mixed assortment and then arranged them ourselves and wrapped with a ribbon. It was gorgeous!

After our wonderful experiences, my sister and I started a resourceful website sharing good practical ideas on how to have a wedding without the high price tags. It is www.debtfreewedding.com.

Rabbi Andrea Frank comments, “beautiful web site, well done Kristin and sister.”

Blessings to all couples planning their dream weddings debt free!

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