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Signing of the Ketubah

The Jewish Order of Wedding Ceremony Guide consists of seven parts, the first of which is the signing of the Ketubah.

signing of the ketubah

Today, the modern Ketubah is signed by two appointed witnesses, who are not blood related family members to the bride and groom.

The traditional Ketubah text talks about the groom’s financial responsibilities to the bride, as well as his obligation to respect her and provide for her needs.

The modern Ketubah texts feature poetic words about love and commitment, as well as the significant information of the wedding date in both English and Hebrew.

A Ketubah is often a beautiful lithograph that a couple frames and displays in their home as a piece of custom wedding art. It is taught to adorn your home with Judaica.

The tradition of the Ketubah signing is usually a private ceremony between the bride, groom and their parents along with the witnesses.   The Ketubah signing is a significant element of a Jewish Ceremony. The bride and groom are married according to Jewish Law.  Then during the ceremony the Rabbi Wedding Officiant authorizes the marriage legal per Government Marriage Laws. 

The Jewish Wedding Rabbi Ketubah Signing Optional Suggestion:

Another option is to make the Ketubah signing part of the ceremony with their guests.

Have your guests gather in an area where your Ketubah signing ceremony can take place in a half circle where all can view this beautiful ceremony. A small table and festive pen is all that is needed along with the Ketubah of course.

The bridesmaids escort the bride and lead her to the side of the Rabbi and the Ketubah. The groom will then be escorted by his groomsmen and be presented to his bride. Music will enhance this moment by using a professional musician. A violinist playing a Jewish melody would keep the theme of your day.

Involving guests in this ritual will add a meaningful moment for them all. When the bride first sees her bridegroom and visa versa, it will be quite emotional. This is a moment that will not be forgotten by the bride, her groom and guests.  Providing they did not have their first look with the photographer. 

order of wedding ceremony

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