My Beloved Pet Beta Fish

by Jonathan
(Long Island, NY)

In Memory

In Memory

Thanks for giving me the chance to memorialize my pet beta fish, who passed away yesterday, Mon 10.04.10. I didn’t really know what I could do in his honor, or for the previous one I had (this was my second).

They were both very cute fish who loved to eat, and they brought me a lot of joy, feeding them every morning and watching them swim and rest in their little caves in the tank.

I know they were not dogs or cats, etc, but they were created by G-d and I loved them very much! I will always miss them, and at least this forum gives me a chance to say so in their honor.

At least, I still have my adorable cat Reeses, who is a foster from a rescue here on Long Island, NY. She has cancer, but she’s doing very well. She purrs a lot every day, and is getting a second chance at a happy life. Giving her extra treats, hugs, and pets is another way I honor not only her but my fish as I do that for her in their honor.

And, I’ll get another beta soon.

Praise Adonai and may G-d bless us all with peace and long, happy, and healthy life.

– Jonathan

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