Moses, Pharaoh Rejects!

For those that celebrate and joining together soon around the table, it will be Passover Seder 2017.
The joy of the gathering, the joy of the delicious food, the joy of being together to remember a time in biblical history what freedom tastes like. Matzah, the bread of affliction. The pain and suffering the Jewish people felt and experienced living in Egypt against their will. One of the four questions is “On all other nights we eat either sitting up or reclining, but on this night, we all recline.” For the freedom of comfort and no longer experiencing pain and suffering. 
We forget, no mention, no focus on the pain and suffering that Moses went through to succeed. He was hired for an important assignment that impacted Jewish history and it took ten exhausting separate moments! He believed in G-d’s plan, followed his instructions and stayed strong to deliver G-d’s message. “Let My People Go!”  

He traveled back and forth, logging many miles to Egypt addressing a cold hearted Pharaoh, Ramesses. This particular Pharaoh in the Passover story did not think about others, he thought about his needs, his wants. Today, we could label him selfish, self-absorbed and question how is he a ruler? Each answer of “No!” affected his people all the while he only thought of his needs.

So, did you know Moses was rejected ten times by Pharaoh? Now you do because the rejection is connected to the Ten Plagues. Ten rejections and after Moses took shelter each visit, Ten Plagues struck Egypt. We are not focused what Moses had to do. We are focused on the actual Ten Plagues. Those plagues tested each and every human emotion of mind and body. On the other hand, Moses experienced his own strength and weaknesses! How did we not notice? 

What is the message for this Passover 5777/2017 as we gather together? Be less like Pharaoh and more about that good heart you want everyone to see about you. Remember there can be consequences to our actions and the decisions we feel are the right ones. We often say, “It works, it is us!” The holiday returns each and every year, and like the holiday our actions can come back full circle too. When you need the person(s) you have rejected, be prepared, you may hear the word “No!”  
Let’s ALL NOT be like Pharaoh! 

For one day, you may be that leader parting the red sea! Metaphorically speaking, maybe! 🍷🍷🍷🍷
A Zeesa Pesach to those celebrating. Have a sweet Passover!

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