Mezinka question

Mezinka photo by Robert

Mezinka photo by Robert

Father of the Bride asks….

Is it customary to dance the Mezinka only when the last child is married? We have only one daughter, and she is getting married soon. Is there something special to symbolize this, does Mezinka “apply” here?

Jake in Miami

Dear Jake

Thank you for you question. Technically, your daughter is your first and last. So, of course you and your wife can enjoy the custom of Mezinka. Yes, it applies.

The bride and groom place a crown of flowers on the heads of the parents and dance around the parents while the band plays the Mezinka song. All the wedding guests line up and approach the happy parents, words of congratulations are issued and much kissing.

Mazel Tov!
Rabbi Andrea Frank

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Mezinka question

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mezinka music
by: Anonymous

I believe there is traditional music for the mezinka ceremony. How does one obtain the chords or sheet music? Thank you

Oy or Jewish
Sheet music for Mezinka
by: Leon Joseph Katz

Where can we find the sheet music for Mezinka? Hankus Netzke?

You can try Oy or Jewish Both web sites offer sheet music for purchase, but not certain if this particular piece is available.

All the best

Mezinke Alternative?
by: last son


We want to honor my mother as I am her last son to be married, but we were not wanting to do the full Mezinka dance during the reception. Is it possible to adapt this honor by crowning my mother when she walks me up during the ceremony? Thanks!

Parents escort their children to the Chuppah so they do not marry alone.

Mezinka honors the last child to be married and provides an opportunity to ‘Honor thy Mother’ for she raised you.

Why take away her moment – she not only gave you life, she provided the wings for your path of life.

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