Matzah Upgraded! Foodie’s Unite!

Matzah Upgraded!

Matzah Upgraded! Foodie’s Unite!

Most who celebrate the Passover Festival  by now knows that the first Seder Night begins Friday, April 3.  It is one of the most important Jewish Holiday on the Jewish Calendar.  The Hebrew Month of Nisan is the very first Jewish Calendar month.

As we near the holiday, this Rabbi gets super excited!  Most dread the holiday especially when they observe the no Bread Rule for 8 days in observance of the festival.   Its like seeing your best friend leave on a vacation with their family and don’t know if you can make it each day until their return.

What I am most excited about is seeing the new and exciting ways to enjoy the Matzah in this Foodie exciting lifestyle trend!  You know your a Foodie when you start taking photos of your beautifully presented meals or desserts.  Even this Rabbi is guilty in taking such photos and posting them on Social Media.

Buzz Feed Community posted 26 Ways To Serve Matzah this Passover.  Super excited when even I viewed the Passover Themed Article with beautiful photos and recipe links.   I call it ‘Matzah Upgraded!’ The flat board of flour and water has become the blank canvas to build an array of many inspiring ways to enjoy. ‘Matzah Upgraded’ takes the plain, somewhat dry board mixture of flour and water with perforated holes to a whole new level of enjoyment for 8 days and just maybe, beyond!

The greeting we customarily say to those who observe, celebrate the Passover Festival is the following….

Chag  Sameach  (pronounced Sah-may-ach with an emphasis on the ever famous throat sounding Ch)

Have a joyous festival!


Stay tuned to this Blog…. Making your own Matzah!  A fun project for families and adults.


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