Marriage Rites

by Paula Steinman
(Hollywood, Florida)



Dear Rabbi,

I have 2 Questions:

1. What is the prayer recited when the groom is about to break the glass?

2. If a couple is not being married by a rabbi, can they still have a Ketubah?

Dear Bride-to-Be,

You have asked two very important questions for a Jewish wedding ceremony.

The prayer recited before the Groom breaks the glass is the following:

“A broken glass cannot be mended, and likewise marriage is irrevocable. As this glass shatters, so may your marriage never break. Amen”

You asked, “Could you have a Ketubah, the Jewish Wedding Contract, without a Rabbi officiating your Jewish wedding ceremony?”

You could as long as you order a traditional Ketubah for two witnesses to sign their names in Hebrew, both Jewish, not related to the bride or groom.

It is the witnesses that will make your Ketubah legal and binding according to Jewish law.

Important: You would order a Ketubah without the Rabbi signature line.

Thank you for your questions.

Mazel Tov,
Rabbi Andrea Frank

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