Marriage Guidance: A Guide for a Happy Marriage

Below, the Marriage Guidance may not be for all couples, because of certain variables in a couple’s life, but should be for most. Marriage Guidance offers practical key points that should be integrated and or should already exist in a marriage. However, the list of points below do work!
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God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them, And God blessed them – Genesis

1. You are blessed to have each other each and everyday, enjoy those blessings

2. Always say “I Love You” every day to each other – no matter what!

3. Love each other unconditionally

4. Laugh, laugh, and laugh! Laughter brings you closer to each other. Have fun, enjoy, for your spouse is your best friend.

5. Don’t ever go to bed angry.

6. Respect each other.

7. Say thank you to your spouse when they do something no matter how small it may be.

8. There are no perfect humans, so there are no perfect spouses

9. Communication on all levels makes a world of difference! With cell phones today, there are no excuses why you cannot call when you are going to be late or stopping off before arriving home. How difficult is it to hit speed dial to your spouse? Do the opposite, are you thinking of your spouse at a particular moment while away from each other that day? Call and just say hello. You do not need a reason; you do not need to call only when you have information to report.

10. Communicate, communicate, and communicate! Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, a healthy marriage. There is no room for secrets and there is no reason to have them at all. Surprises, yes, secrets, no.

11. Today, most couples work either in the home or outside the home – make the most important effort – to eat a meal together each and every day. Slow down and enjoy each other, even if it is over a slice of pizza.

12. Your spouse comes first and always first before your job, your family members and your friends.

Your half way there, how is your marriage up to this point? Is the marriage guidance list of points clear and sensible to follow?

13. Children should not be placed as the first priority; your spouse always comes first! (Marriage Guidance: Can often be difficult, with a little effort, it can work)

14. Work on a budget, put it in writing or on the computer, follow it, have a weekly spending allowance for whatever you want to spend it on and your money disputes will diminish. Yes, it can be done! Yes, you can save money! Most importantly, you will know where your money is going. Don’t use the credit cards unless you can pay the total amount each and every month. If you use them and only pay what you can, that states a true fact; you are living over your financial means.

15. Being stubborn makes your spouse unhappy; never ever make your spouse unhappy.

16. Never ever hurt your spouse’s feelings. It can happen, but reconcile your differences.

17. Never ever keep your feelings inside, express yourself at the very moment you feel it. Don’t wait until later. Don’t hold it in for a week, months, years and then use it. This is often a common practice with friendships and then the friendships end because they held onto the past too long.

18. You must never have selective hearing when your spouse is speaking to you.

19. Don’t rely on others to care for your spouse; it is your responsibility to be there.

20. If your spouse has an interest and it does not interest you, you go anyway! Support each other’s interests and enjoy each other’s company. Spending time together rises above the interest.

21. Does it really matter if the toilet seat is left up?

22. Work together as a team in your home. Share the responsibilities. It does not matter who does what, what does matter is you work as a team.

23. Careers are a job you’ve been working at for many years. Don’t put your career before your spouse. The love for each other rates much higher than your career.

24. If both of you are living over your financial means, and all you fight about is money. Advice: downsize, downsize!

The final marriage guidance key point is:

25. Improving your self-being makes for a happier marriage. De-clutter your life. Do you live with clutter covering your floors, every table top or counter top? Are your closets over bearing? Throw it out! Get organized. An organized surroundings makes a peaceful being. If you are unable to de-clutter, than dig down deep and figure out the reason why. If you cannot find the energy to improve yourself, then life is always going to feel difficult. Do you want to continue living this way? Work on you. Self improvement is a positive move. By avoiding it, you may never truly feel the light of happiness inside.


The Free Book “Your Marriage. Keeping It Going Till Death Do You Part” is waiting for you. Written by a husband who has been happily married for fifty years. Learn how to respect and love your wife. This is the key to a long lasting loving marriage.

Marriage guidance was created because I have seen and heard from too many couples not in sync with each other. Marriage guidance is only a guide, but the key points are important key points. Remember, it takes two to make a marriage work. Work together as a team and if need be, use Marriage Guidance as your guide.

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