Leonard Nimoy, Spock

Zachor - Remember Leonard Nimoy, Spock

Zachor – Remember Leonard Nimoy, Spock

Sad to hear the news. Especially struggling with COPD. I’ve seen this disease close up – that is all I can say.

He left a legacy both personal and publicly. Amen.  Son, husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, actor, poet, photographer and so much more equal legacy.

It was the TV Show, Star Trek that created Spock, the character, and Leonard Nimoy, the actor, made famous.  With the Vulcan Salute from Judaism’s Priestly Tribe Blessing, two hands outstretched to bless the people.  This hand symbol was instructed, in detail by G-d, to Moses to his older brother, Aaron, the first spiritual leader in the wilderness during the 40 year journey.

During Jewish study classes, this visual symbol is taught around the world to the soon-to-be teenagers as they prepare to become Bar Bat Mitzvah.  All the adults that seek to fulfill a need reconnecting to their Judaism, either becoming an Adult Bar Bat Mitzvah, Conversion to Judaism or simply to relearn what they feel they forgot from their younger years.  They too learn this insightful hand symbol that is to this day, continuing since Ancient times, Blessing the People, as well.

Shabbat Shalom

It so happens to be Shabbat Zachor – the Shabbat of Remembrance – for it will be the Purim Holiday next week.

The New York Times Newspaper wrote a beautiful tribute article on Leonard Nimoy, Spock and so much more.  On this Shabbat, Shabbat Zachor – we will remember him.

Dear Leonard Nimoy – you have lived long and prosperous. From the Vulcan salute – live long and prosper.

We Will Remember You!


Kohanim, Priestly Tribe Blessing

Kohanim, Priestly Tribe Blessing  Hand Symbol

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