Key Elements of Wedding Ceremony – Jewish

Key Elements of Wedding Ceremony - Chuppah, Wedding Canopy

Key Elements of Wedding Ceremony – Chuppah, Wedding Canopy

Jewish Wedding Key Elements

Key Elements of wedding ceremony, Jewish is the Physical, Visual Ritual Items with Symbolism such as:

Kiddush Cups, the vessels that hold the fruit of the Vine grows from the earth that sustains us.

The Chuppah the canopy is key elements of wedding ceremony as the symbol of your own personal spiritual tent surrounding by earth’s elements.

The Ketubah – expresses your Vows in writing, permanence within a beautiful piece of Artwork when displayed in your home offers you a joyful memory of your wedding day

Your Vows connected to your wedding rings – strength in-depth.

The Breaking Glass reminding you both that your commitment to each other is as fragile as glass.

Decorations for your day makes all beautiful.

Planning a Jewish wedding does take a bit of organizing like most weddings because the physical, visual items that need to be gathered beforehand. Just like a relationship, it takes a little work to put all together with a meaning of connection to marriage.

Key elements of wedding ceremony for this Rabbi is ready, willing and able to assist, but needs the two of you to make it happen before you reach your beautiful day.

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