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Read a brief history of the Ketubah and the available Texts

Ketubah Samples – there are only a few to display, but it offers an idea how vibrant they are and can be appealing with artistic expression. Below, ketubah samples are linked directly to the artist page and will open in a new window to view. MP Artworks is well known for its extension selection in their Ketubah Gallery.

Reminder: choose a Ketubah that fits both your style as a couple and where it will be displayed in your home when husband and wife.

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When you purchase and receive your Ketubah, you will want to take it to either an art store and or picture frame store. The art and picture frame store will have a technique for mounting your Ketubah on foam core. It will be easier to transport and sign when on your wedding day.

The picture frame of choice can also be used without the glass. The location where your wedding ceremony is taking place, request an easel. This way your Ketubah can be displayed next to the Chuppah for your wedding ceremony.

Find a smooth, smudge-proof fine tip archival marker type pen for signatures on your wedding day. This will avoid all parties signing your Ketubah from pressing down too hard and damaging it. With a hot glue gun and items from a craft store, the pen can be decorated for your special day.

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A Click of your computer mouse will take you directly to the ketubah samples design below and also allow you to view the entire MP Artworks web site. Don’t forget the Coupon Code when your ready to place an order.


Ketubah by MP Artworks My Beloved's Ring love story ketubah

autumn tree ketubah


Ketubah samples are an artistic expression from the history in Judaism. View Ketubah Texts as well


“The Ketubah is an artistic interpretation of the agreement
between man and woman on their wedding day”

Your Ketubah. Your Chuppah. Your Wedding.
Unique designs that show off your style

Since 1996, MP Artworks has specialized in bringing today’s clients functional works of art, especially fine-art ketubot and chuppot that will become tomorrow’s family heirlooms.

They are unique in the industry–they serve as artist, print-maker, and gallery. Their 150+ ketubot in their “ketubahSTUDIO” line are designed by a select group of fine artists exclusively for MP Artworks so you won’t see the “same thing” that’s on all the other Jewish wedding sites.

They print their ketubot at their Florida art studio, subject to the highest quality standards.

Because they “print to order” for each client, the products can be easily personalized (adding in your names, wedding dates, etc.) and customized (e.g. customize the text, add a third language, modify the colors of the texts and/or design, change the poetic phrase, etc.) to suit your needs. They offer the fastest turnaround in the business (never a rush charge!) and they are just the right size to provide professional customer service yet personal attention to each client and officiant. MP Artworks’ ketubahSTUDIO: designed to be different.View all the beautiful ketubot on MP Artworks web site.

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