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Have you seen the new Ketubot (Ketubah) Designs at Did you also know you can save 10% with the Jewish Wedding Rabbi’s Discount Code, Ketubah Promo Code. Use this code KRFJ8A10A and enjoy the savings with your beautiful Ketubah from

Ketubah is the original and first Marriage License since ancient times.  The Marriage License we know today with the court system established today evolved from the Jewish Marriage Contract called the Ketubah.  Did you know that?  In fact, the first court established system took place in ancient times, during the forty years in the wilderness.  Also known resource, the Torah.

The Jewish Judaica Artists took the legal marriage text and created beautiful pieces of Art for each wedding couple.  To display their first piece of art work as a married couple.

The best reminder of each couple’s wedding day seeing this beautiful reminder each day in your home.  It begins Under the Chuppah where it is displayed.


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See the new Ketubot (Ketubah) Designs at Jewish Wedding Rabbi endorses this Ketubah company.

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