Share Your Jewish Wedding Story

Traditions – Past, Present, Future

Jewish Wedding Story Traditions is an opportunity to share your past, present or future ideas for Jewish ceremonies.

Had your wedding already – re-live your wonderful memories of your special day and share them, include photos.

Have you made important decisions that adds tradition on your wedding day? Will to share with other couples planning their Jewish wedding ceremony? Why have them read it in a magazine, when they can read your very own story right here?

Share your Jewish wedding story traditions and assist other couples keeping the Jewish theme for their day.

Not sure what to write about? Here are a few examples:

  • How did your Rabbi guide you when organizing your ceremony?
  • What Ketubah artist or Ketubah company Who are using? What company did you use? Were they professional? Did they assist you every step of the way?
  • What Jewish ritual items belonging to someone special in your family?
  • Did you use, are you using – a wedding planner? Who? Share what made or what is making that planner so unique and wonderful for your special day.
  • Who created that fabulous cake?
  • Did you make your own Chuppah wedding canopy?
  • Did you create a new tradition with a time honored custom? Did you hire an artist? Is a good friend an artist and can design a wedding canopy Chuppah? You can add photos of your designs whether your wedding took place is going to take place in the near future.

Have A Great Story About This Topic?

Future Brides and Grooms could find it very helpful while planning their Jewish Wedding Ceremony.

This Rabbi enjoys hearing about what you did at your Jewish wedding adding a twist of something different, something unique, something beautiful while keeping the Jewish theme with the Chuppah, Kiddush cup, Seven Blessings, and Breaking glass.

Share your beautiful memories with other beaming brides and grooms to be.

Rabbi Andrea

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