Jewish Wedding Rituals and Customs

wedding kiddush cup

Jewish wedding rituals have been an important part of Jewish weddings for generations. Their symbolism adds so much beauty and meaning to the celebration of two lives and families joining together.

I am amazed at the family history and creativity that many couples incorporate into their chuppah, and the fun and laughter that resounds from their Tish.

Though every wedding is unique and special, most every Jewish marriage incorporates some Jewish wedding customs.

How about you? What Jewish wedding customs did you include in your ceremony and why were they important to you?

Did you use a heirloom family kiddush cup? Did the rabbi wrap you in Grandpa’s Tallit… the same tallit he wore when he was Bar Mitzvah?

Whose plain wedding rings did you borrow for the traditional Jewish wedding vows and ring exchange? Did the rabbi or cantor chant the beautiful seven wedding blessings?

Tell Us About the Jewish Wedding Rituals
You Included in Your Ceremony…

Other couples would love to learn from your experiences and, this Rabbi always enjoys hearing about the creative and heartwarming ways Jewish wedding traditions were included in marriage ceremonies.

Why Are The Rituals Important to You and/or How Were They Included in the Ceremony or Events Leading Up to the Wedding?

Comments or questions are welcome.

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