Jewish Wedding on Shabbat

by Rebecca
(New York)

I know that Shabbat is a day of rest, so can I have a Jewish Wedding on Shabbat?


Hello Rebecca,

Thank you for your question. Shabbat is a holy day of rest and full of joy because of creation. A Jewish wedding is joyful as well. It is customary to not combine two joyous occasions together. So, it is advisable to have your wedding ceremony when Shabbat ends after sundown.

All my best, Rabbi Andrea

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Jewish Wedding on Shabbat

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I actually get this
by: Anonymous

Hello Rabbi,

I understand completely. I am a bride and almost chose my wedding date on a Saturday, realizing that it is Shabbat. I am by all means not observant or practice to that level about Shabbat.

I will actually try, even a little which is better than nothing at all.

So, having a Jewish Wedding ceremony during Shabbat, a Saturday afternoon or a Friday evening would take away the focus of Shabbat and or my Jewish wedding ceremony.

We should focus on one so we do not forget the other. They are both as important.

A Jewish wedding -the guests will then focus on the bride and groom as they should, but then Shabbat is forgotten.

Thank you. You have a very resourceful web site that is guiding me and my fiance’ in planning our Jewish wedding ceremony.

Dear Bride-to-Be,

Mazel Tov! I am pleased to hear that my web site is guiding you both. That was exactly my main goal when building my web site. Whether I officiate a ceremony (which is always an honor for me to bless wedding couples, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah students, our sons and our daughters to receive their Hebrew names) or not. My web site is built for you both in mind.

Enjoy the planning of your Jewish wedding ceremony and blessed under the Chuppah for your marriage.

All my best,
Rabbi Andrea

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