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Rabbi Andrea was included on Smashing The Glass -Jewish Wedding Blog for its article

“What’s your favorite Jewish / Israeli / Yiddishe food?”  .   Jewish recipes, foods of Judaism.

My kitchen aid mixer has its very own spot in my kitchen now.  The corner of the counter with the outlet is not even a stretch away.  No longer having to lift this weighted machine that was once stored in a cabinet because there was no extra counter space for it.  Now, I get to enjoy it ready to mix and bake something.  Sounds silly, but now I can mix the ingredients to making challah bread as often as I like.  The bread of life!

When Smashing The Glass – Jewish Wedding Blog asked their wedding vendors to participate in their blog post article on Jewish food, Jewish recipes, I knew instantly it would be the Challah Bread.

Six Braided Challah

Recently, I finally taught myself how to braid the bread with six strands instead of the traditional three stands. Why six strands? Symbolism in Judaism is all around us.  Just look out the window, it is right in front of you!   The delicious smells of Jewish recipes bring me back to childhood, like most.  When either my grandmother or mother was cooking or baking in the kitchen.  I treasure the Jewish recipes that my grandmother wrote down in her hand written beautiful script writing in a special recipe book.  Fond memories being the next generation to making those recipes.    I have always enjoyed baking and that meant my grandmother was going to be nearby to guide me.  She would share with me her secrets on how to fix a recipe I was trying to bake.  Even today I incorporate those secrets when the recipe does not have the right consistency I expected after mixing.

My Mom was a working Mom, but she always knew a good meal for dinner was important!   Enhancing her delicious food dishes was her love to present the meals with style.   I know I have that trait because I enjoy setting a beautiful looking table with all the pieces.  In fact, after so many years, I am now enjoying her good wedding china she received as her wedding gift from her parents.  Dinner, brunch, not only for holidays, those dishes are being used now and always.  It was the custom for bridal couples to receive a set of 12 good china dish set along with a set of a 12 good silverware set in a wooden box.  2 guests at my table are extra special and Mom’s good china is being used proudly to present those Jewish recipes on them for all to enjoy!


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