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God is the ultimate matchmaker for Jewish couples. In the Talmud, it is believed that before the conception of a male child, the heavens announce who that child will marry. A match made in heaven. When growing up, my grandmother often stated in Yiddish, “you will meet your bershert!”

With my faith and belief of my grandmother’s statement, even after she past on, I did meet the man I knew, we both knew, as each other’s soul mates (neshamah maht).

The Jewish Wedding Rabbi states, “marriage is the reunion between two halves of the same unit. A couple shares the same soul, which, upon birth, divides itself into two incomplete halves. Upon marriage, under Jewish wedding canopy (Chuppah), they reunite and become, once again, complete.” What we are dealing with here is not only a union on the physical, emotional and/or intellectual level. What we are dealing with here is a union on the deepest, most essential level of spirituality and self.

Jewish couples having grown up in different circumstances challenge themselves to find common ground and agreements with which both partners can live together as one couple in one household. Regardless, marriage takes work and with practice, couples become in sync with each other. When that happens, all is good. The concept and institution of marriage assumes a much greater and more profound significance.

The Jewish wedding ceremony traditions and the Jewish wedding customs given to us from our ancient texts and passed down from generation to generation can make modern American couples feel the connection during their ceremony.

Will you officiate our wedding on a Saturday?

A couple making a commitment to Judaism merely by wanting a Jewish wedding and to stand under the Chuppah should understand the importance of Shabbat. That Jewish tradition does not allow weddings on Shabbat. It is a holy day and the joy and celebration of a marriage of the same or different faiths is prohibited on the Sabbath.

However, today, there are Rabbis that will officiate one hour before Shabbat ends as their ‘comfort zone’ and to accommodate Saturday evening ceremonies. When contacting a Rabbi, do ask this question, but also be respectful to their observance of Shabbat.

Did you know the traditional Saturday evening Jewish wedding ceremony occurred after the cocktail hour?
It respectfully honored Shabbat and catered guests with a ‘pre-dinner nosh’. If only caterers and couples today would bring back the ole’ time traditions for the Jewish wedding ceremony time-frame dilemma on a Saturday evening. Just think how all would go so smoothly for Jewish couples and their Saturday evening wedding desire.

The Jewish Wedding Rabbi would be honored to be with the Jewish couple under the Chuppah giving them their Jewish wedding blessings as their sole Wedding Officiant.

I will be your wedding Officiant for your Jewish wedding ceremony:

  • Sunday, Monday to Thursday
  • Before Shabbat begins on Fridays, 1-hour before or either after Shabbat ends for Saturday evening weddings
  • I work closely with all my couples so that the ceremony reflects their personalities, beliefs, dreams, wishes and both families
  • I will support, guide and be available for any questions that arises
  • Under the Chuppah is a couple’s sacred space and receiving the traditional blessings for your marriage is my gift as a Rabbi

Your Jewish wedding ceremony can be any size, months in advance or after the 24-hour state law requirement of your marriage license. It can be a formal or informal setting, small or large wedding ceremonies; outdoors, indoors, the beach wedding. I will be happy to travel to perform your wedding anywhere in the United States; Chicago, Texas, California, North Carolina, Florida to name a few states and everywhere else in between. You can have your destination Jewish wedding in the Caribbean, Mexico on cruise ships when in port.

The Jewish Wedding Rabbi resides in Westchester County, New York and cover the Metropolitan area; New York (including New York City-Manhattan), Queens, Brooklyn and the surrounding locations in Westchester County, Connecticut, Long Island and New Jersey.

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