Jewish Ceremonies and Rituals

Jewish ceremonies and rituals were observed Shabbat morning for Zackary became a Bar Mitzvah.  Mazel Tov! Zackary did an amazing job and it showed. He lead his family and friends in prayer, read from the Torah publicly for the first time. His sister presented his Official Traditional Tallit, prayer shawl as he placed it on his shoulders for the first time with meaning after reciting the Tallit prayer.  His Bar Mitzvah was an outdoor ceremony on Shabbat Morning.  He studied in between his online classes in Rabbi Andrea’s Virtual Classroom. Another successful student honored the time honored custom at age 13.  He was so proud of his accomplishment and it showed in how he lead the Shabbat morning prayer service for his family and friends.  He honored the memory of his Grandfather proudly, as he was blessed with his Hebrew Name and continued the beautiful customs and traditions of the Jewish faith.

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