In Memory of Princey

by Tillie
(Long Island)

Princey the no breed family dog was so loving and not ordinary at all.

He lived until he was 16 years old. There are so many memories of him, but two stand out the most. When my grandmother was healing and can only walk a few steps outside in the backyard holding onto the handmade handrail just for her and her wellness. He walked as slowly as she, escorting her and keeping her company.

I remember this because I remember watching from the sliding glass doors. It was such a touching moment for me to see.

The other memory is the day my Princey past away. Actually, the day I was to take him to the Vet because I knew something was not right with him. As he became older, I would provide as much comfort and TLC he would allow me. I could always see how he enjoyed that.

Well, Princey chose to say goodbye in his own way. He made contact with his cold nose and licked my sleepy hand hanging over the bed that early morning. Then I heard heavy breathing and jumped to his side. I let him know I loved him very much. How he always was an important part of our family as I stroked his swollen belly. They say hearing and touch is so important to humans and pets.

He went peacefully.

He came into our lives as a baby pup and grew with our growing family.

In loving Memory of you Princey. Forever in our Hearts and memories.

Dear Tillie,

Your Princey was an important member of your family. He grown along with all of you. God created the animals first, then man and woman. We were instructed to take care of them and they in turn would take care of us in so many ways than the obvious ones.

Yes, Princey, showed you that day of his passing that he needed to say goodbye. That he appreciated all you have done for him. Too bad our pets cannot live as long as we do, but they do touch our lives in so many ways when you open your heart to them.

Their personalities come out and they are indeed intelligent.

I was touched how Princey walked alongside and protected your grandmother when she was walking for healing. Our pets are amazing and God created them just for us.

Treat them well and they show you they are paying close attention.

Princey will forever be in your hearts and he will remain alive with all his memories.

May God comfort you.

Rabbi Andrea

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