Honoring siblings/their role in ceremony

by Geraldine Leneman
(New York)

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Dear Rabbi,

Is there a special role in the wedding ceremony and procession for siblings of the bride and/or groom? Should the brothers and sisters be invited to be bridesmaids/groomsmen or are there other roles for them with more “weight” (not best man or maid of honor)? Thank you.

Dear Geraldine,

Depending on the Rabbi, Cantor or marriage officiant, the English translation following the chanting of the Seven Wedding Blessings is a nice honor for siblings to be part of the ceremony.

It is also an honor for siblings to hold the Chuppah if the couple is not having a free standing Chuppah, wedding canopy. The Chuppah not only creates the sacred space to receive their wedding blessings, but it is also the symbol of their first home. The importance of a home is the people within it. Family.

Mazel Tov!
Rabbi Andrea Frank

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